About Us

Arbogast Advisers LLC was started in 2014 in Chico California. We focus on financial planning for young professionals and millennials. We are a fiduciary when it comes to your money, which means we will always put your interests ahead of our own.

What makes us different?

We work with Millennials. We don’t focus on people with millions of dollars to invest; we want to help the people who don’t have easy access to financial services. With that in mind we tailor our business to fit in with what young people want:

1 Low Monthly Fee. We charge a monthly retainer of $75 a month. That’s significantly less than our competition, many of whom charge a financial planning fee of over $1,500. We use this monthly retainer to be able to provide you ongoing financial planning services at a cost you can afford. We aim to cost less than your monthly internet bill.

Fee Only Financial Planner. That monthly retainer is the only fee you’ll pay us. We don’t sell you products and we don’t get any commissions from your investments. We provide all of our financial planning services for that one low rate.

Digital Native. As a young professional, you’re probably used to using your phone or laptop for everything that you do. Nearly all of our financial planning solutions are available digitally. We integrate with apps and websites for almost all of our services so you can feel comfortable when you work with us. (If you’re someone who doesn’t like digital, we have physical tools that can help you as well)

Fiduciary. We are legally obligated to give you advice that is in your best interest (That’s right, not everyone is required to do that). Which means you can rest easy knowing that your money and your life are safe with our advice. We’ll always let you know if there is a potential for a conflict of interest, and we’ll even sign a fiduciary pledge with each new client to prove to you that we are committed to our promise.

Next Steps...

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