Financial Literacy Month Review

Since 2003, April has been designated as Financial Literacy Month, and for the entire month, we’ve been publishing a tip a day on our Facebook page! Each and every day we put out a tip to help you build up your financial literacy. But you don’t have to only try these tips during April, you can check out our list of financial literacy tips any time you want with our link below!

Financial Literacy Calendar April 2016

The calendar has links on it to related websites for each topic. Some of the websites are for general information, and some are specific things you can do right now to better your financial life.

If you want any more help getting to know your financial situation, or you need some advice, feel free to contact us at or just message us on Facebook!

Here’s a short version of our 30 tips for Financial Literacy Month 2016!

  1. Get to know your spending habits! Check out the Mint App to see your spending trends!
  2. Get to know your debt too! Log into your online banking and see what APR you have for your credit cards, student loans, or mortgage. A lower APR is usually a good thing, because it lets you pay off your debt more quickly without it growing against you!
  3. Start setting some financial goals for yourself! Use the acronym S.M.A.R.T. to make sure your goals are, Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant, and Time Bound.
  4. Set up some timelines for your financial goals. Can you determine short and long term checkpoints for your goals?
  5. Check out your student loan balance at
  6. Talk to your local Credit Union about classes on financial literacy
  7. Did you know you can ask your credit card company for  a lower interest rate? Check out this script for how to do it.
  8. Make sure that if you’re working with a financial planner, that you pick one who is a fiduciary.
  9. Check out your credit report at
  10. Don’t fall for these common tax scams!
  11. If you aren’t getting the refund you’d like, you can adjust your withholding to hold back more money for a larger refund, or less money for a larger paycheck. (But potential for a smaller or no tax refund)
  12. Check with PG&E to see if you qualify for the CARE program to get your power bills lowered
  13. Compare insurance rates by calling other companies for quotes. You might find that you can get a better rate by switching insurers.
  14. Use the “Know Your Stuff” App to keep track of your possessions in case of a break in or property damage. Your insurance company will want to know a lot of info, and this could help!
  15. John Oliver Explains Credit Reports
  16. Try creating a Financial Vision Board to help you stay motivated!
  17. Do you need overdraft protection on your debit cards? Not everyone does, and it might help you to cancel yours.
  18. Tax Day! It was moved from the 15th this year only. If you aren’t done yet, you might need to file an extension!
  19. Try the Acorns App to save more money from all of your purchases!
  20. If your work doesn’t set up a 401(k) for you, you might want to try out the MyRA retirement account through the government.
  21. If you want to automatically save your tax return money, check out Form 8888 from the IRS to automatically put that check into savings
  22. It’s Earth Day! You might be able to save some money and the Earth by switching to automatic bill pay. You’ll save paper, and lots of places give you a discount!
  23. If you are in need of Credit Counselling, check out
  24. Teach your kids about money with the CFPB’s “Money As You Grow” website
  25. Are your fees on your retirement account too high? Check them out here.
  26. If you’re using the same password for everything, you’re probably going to get your identity stolen. Check out these password manager apps to protect yourself.
  27. Here’s another 54 ways to save money.
  28. If you want to increase your income, try freelancing!
  29. If you need more help with any of these tips, contact Arbogast Advisers LLC 
  30. Print out this Financial Literacy calendar and revisit these tips often so you can make sure to always stay financially literate!

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