We offer a set of pricing option to help your business without creating a burden on your cash flows.


The simplest pricing model available. We will charge by the hour to get your financials in order. We'll provide an estimate of our time before we begin any project, and a clear invoice of how our time was spent at the end.


This makes the most sense for manufacturing and retail companies. Because we'll be helping you to save money on every sale, we can take a percentage of your sales, rather than an upfront payment. The added bonus here is that you don't have to worry about having money available. Our payment will come directly from the sale of your product.


*Only available to Select Businesses*

We may be able to take an equity position in your business in exchange for services. This is the cheapest up front option, but could be the most expensive option in the long run. If this is available for your company, we'll discuss the potential outcomes with you before agreeing to this arrangement.